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Bandidos (Latin Pop)

Lobo López

La Flor de la Mañana

Love for Sale

Bolero de Satá

Esperanza (Latin Pop)

Tokyo Blues

Angel Eyes

With an extensive repertoire and always looking for new songs, Rosa is able, either accompanied by piano or gitarre, duo (usually piano or gitarre and bass), trio (including percussion or drums and/or wind instrument) or as singer of a jazz band or a latin band, to present a variety of programs going from the modern jazz, bossanova and blues program through a latin and/or latinjazz program to a complete Spanish Pop music soiree. She, however, has found a successful rounded style of music, where the spanish music meets the jazz. Such a style is a fusion of latin rhythms and spanish pop with a breeze of jazz and a pinch of flamenco.


The song "Bandidos" (R. Volpini / G. Rothenbach) was semifinalist of the International Songwriting Competition 2012/2013 (over 20000 participating songs). The song "Confuso Corazón" was semifinalist of the edition 2013/2014. Rosa can write the text for your latin music.


Rosa has sung together with musicians like Amadito Valdés (Afro Cuban All Stars), Jorge Pardo (Grupo Dolores), Javier Iturralde, Juan Jiménez (Los Pekenikes) Michael Lutzeier, Misha Shizz, Gary Todd, Sava Medan, Chris Lachotta, Hans Lengenfeld, Guido May, Mirko Savic, Raúl Gutiérrez, Matthias Preißinger, Bernd Heß, Stephan Krammer, Florian Jechliger, Biboul Darouiche, Diony Varias, Alberto Barreira, Imre Bajka, Tom Reinbrecht, Herman Breuer and Günther Hauser among others.

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Rosa Volpini - Demasiado Corazón

Spanish-Latin Jazz Fusion

1.  Bolero´s way

2.  Entre tu balcón y mi ventana 

3.  Demasiado corazón

4.  Dos gardenias

5.  Lobo López  

6.  La flor de la mañana

7.  La mentira

8.  Quiero estar a solas 

9.  Adoro

10. Derroche de amor

11. Obsesión

12. Pasa la vida

Rosa Volpini - Undersigned: Jazz

a multifaceted combination of daring jazz arrangements

1. Love for sale

2. The Jody grind

3. A night in Tunisia

4. Samba da Bençâo

5. Bolero de Satá

6. Babe's blues

7. Nica's dream

8. A slow hot wind

9. The Tokyo blues

10. Dindi

11. Abracadabra

12. Angel eyes

13. Yo que un día te quise siempre

Spanish Music, Jazz & Latinjazz

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