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Estela del Sur is a latin-pop musical project together with the german composer Gernot Rothenbach who has composed and produced music for  artists like: Bonnie Tyler, Victor Lazlo, Chris Thompson, Bobbie Byrd+Vicky Anderson, Peter Hofmann, Miriam Stockley (Adiemus), Ray Vega, Jill Morris, Claudio Bohorquez, Ralph Siegel, Jack White, Construction and Chaya among others. Gernot has also composed theme songs for film scores and TV-series.


So far we have composed the following theme songs:



Confuso Corazón


Gypsy Macarena

Sueños de matador

Viva la vida

Viva la ola (on ocassion of the football world cup in Brazil)


Our song "Viva la Vida" is a theme song in the german TV-film "Frühlingskinder".


The songs "Bandidos" and "Confuso Corazón"  where semifinalists respectively in two editions of the International Songwriting Competition .


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Spanish Music, Jazz & Latinjazz

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